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This page is a great place to start, to figure out what type of video you might need, and get a feeling for what the investment might be. Our fully produced video production packages start as low as $2200 per interview (documentary style), to allow any business to have a professionally filmed and produced piece.  Check out the packages below for a starting point, or request a custom quote for your specific needs!


A great way of improving your website and starting conversations is by allowing prospective clients to “meet” you with a high-quality homepage interview videoWe guide you in planning what you’d like to convey, come and set up lighting, sound, and cameras, and guide you through an interview about your business and what makes you special.  We then edit your interview and add music, text, and your logo for a polished result.  Packages start @ $3450.

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For most small to medium companies and organizations, a well shot brand video/service promo is the very best first step for marketing.  Multiple On-the-spot interviews with your company’s team members and staff result in a natural feeling and dynamic video.  These mini-documentary pieces with multiple different speakers, including footage of your business or service, generally start at $7500, but we can reduce scope to simplify the project if needed.  Let’s chat, and we’re happy to provide a detailed quote to meet your needs!

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Client testimonial videos are highly effective, and we know how to make them work for you!  We’ll craft the questions that will help highlight what’s great about your business.  Testimonials can be recorded at your location, or if you prefer, in the studio.  Alternatively, we can interview your client at their home or business (starting at $2200 per testimonial fully produced) Documentary testimonial shoots (including B roll of each customer) are available by custom quote.

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If you need the message going out to be very specific and targeted, and you’re looking for a more polished look, scripted video production may be the best fit for you.  Our marketing team and writer hone your message into a script so you’re happy with every word. We can either arrange for a voiceover actor to deliver your message or if you prefer, your team spokesperson can read the script from the teleprompter, for a no-stress experience. This package starts at $5950.

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Documentary video is a different type of production, as it is a journey of discovery to find the story.   These videos tend to take longer to plan, longer to film, and edit.  For documentary STYLE production on a smaller budget, check out our company brand video packages.  To discuss your documentary needs (full production or footage only) get in touch!

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If your message requires a certain type of polish and production value to reach your intended audience, we can work with you to plan a commercial.  Full commercial production starts with concept development, approval, and scripting.  Next, we move on to casting, location scouting and rental, licenses, costumes, and set dressing, as well as crew call.  After production, areas to cover editing, color grading, custom sound design, and scoring. This process for a low-budget commercial will be 10-20K including required expenses.  Let us know what you have in mind, and we can open a discussion.

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A lot of speeches and presentations are filmed on green screen.  Interviews, testimonials and other content can also benefit from having a central setup where multiple sessions can be filmed in a single day, lowering the cost of content creation.  We offer studio green screen recording packages (including full studio rental fees) for as little as $2950.  Available add-ons: on site hair and makeup, teleprompter, remote streaming, remote interviewer setup, additional recording time.

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Social media promos are an important part of video strategy for a lot of companies.  We’ll work with you to create social media promos that will get your attention, using both custom footage and, if needed, stock footage to work within your budget.  The promo layout and font size will be tailored to the platform that the promo will be shown on. Promo video packages, start at $1950.

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