Remote Production

4K RAW or 10bit 4K Streaming

At Orange Rocket Productions, based in Vancouver, BC, we are here to assist with your streaming remote production needs, with same-day online delivery of files after the shoot is completed.  We are available for pre-production such as location scouting, rental, and permits.  With quick and accurate quotes and expedited production timelines, we’re here to make your shoot go off without a hitch.


Real time live streaming of remote video production from Vancouver to your studio / director globally

Director’s monitor on set, for interaction with talent

Teleprompter & operator if requested

Industry standard cameras & lighting

Live sound mixing during streaming


Multiple camera setups
A / B Cams: DCI 4K (Sony FX6 – 10 bit 422)
C/D/E/F Cams: 2x Sony A7Siii’s (10 bit) / 2x Sony A7R4’s
Specialty cameras available at request
Teleprompter & Operator
Director’s monitor to communicate with talent
Redundant lav/boom tracks for sound
Live mixing of sound during streaming for best audio
Streaming interfaces suited to needs


Our minimum crew size for all production is Cinematographer/Director, Sound/Streaming DIT, Gaffer & Grip.  Crew size depends on the shoot timeline and complexity of lighting and camera setup, and the needs of the client. Hair and makeup are always recommended to make your talent look their best!


We’re available to “shoot and upload” either in studio or on location.  Budgets range from the simplest documentary interview shoot @ $2500 to 10K+ for high end shoots requiring masterclass quality lighting and a larger crew.


In addition to Live Production, we also offer live webcasting of events.  Live webcasting is a great way of reaching audiences that can not attend in person. Orange Rocket is a live streaming company for corporate conferences, important interviews and presentations. Our crew, which regularly works in film and TV productions, will set up lighting to make your participants look great, set up multi-camera coverage, and video webcast your event to your audience through an industry-standard live streaming system.

Various streaming platforms are available, depending on your broadcast needs.

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